Domestic Tree Work

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Tree Felling

Cutting trees down to ground level using conventional and assisted felling techniques.

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Tree Pruning

Cutting branches of trees as required. You can have your tree pruned for a number of reasons

  • Deadwood removal
  • Tree too Big – Size reduction
  • Tree encroaching on buildings
  • Tree casting to much shade
  • Tree could be dangerous in bad Weather
  •  and many more
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Tree Dismantling

This is tree felling but in situations where there is limited space to bring the tree down in, so we use advanced techniques to get the job done safely. e.g. trees in gardens with sheds, greenhouses and fences below.

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Large Hedge Trimming

Large hedges are no problem to us, we use our tree climbing rope and harness techniques or one of our cherry pickers to trim and reduce the height of large hedges safely.

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Firewood service

We sell Firewood, please see our Firewood section for more info. We also offer a log splitting service if you have your own wood but need someone to cut it up and split it for you, we can help.

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Consultancy – Advice

We have consultant Arboriculturalists which can assist you with many tree related matters.

  • Tree Inspections from Ground and Ariel
  • Tree Surveys and Reports
  • Mortgage Reports
  • Woodland Management Plans
  • Tree Hazard Assessment
  • Bat Surveys
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Additional Services

  • Crown Reduction, Trim and Lift
  • Dead Dying or Diseased Trees
  • Stump Removal
  • Woodchipping
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