Firewood sold per crates like the ones pictured in two types


This is seasoned hardwood timber we buy in to  produce firewood. These are £120 per crate


This is mixed Timber recycled from our tree work operations. The type of timber in this firewood can vary a lot depending on what types of trees we have been working on. This is the cheapest and more eco friendly  option because we are using a bi product which is locally sourced. These are £70 per crate

All prices inclusive of VAT of 5%

Delivery is free of charge to Atherstone and surrounding areas up to 10 miles. Delivery is to drive or kerbside only. If you would like the logs moving to your log shed and stacking we can arrange to do this for an extra charge depending on the requirements.

Other Services

We offer a firewood processing and stacking service. If you have a pile of timber but don’t want to get on the axe and chainsaw we have the solution for you. Don’t worry if we can’t get our tractor to the logs we can do it the old fashioned way with an axe. This would be priced depending on requirements.